Here at Oscar's Emporium we have a passion for creating beautiful wooden things... It is most definitely a hobby that has grown into a career.


Oscar's Emporium is run by Ruth (full time) and Rich (when he's done inspiring young minds in the day!), from our home in Dorset.  The "Oscar" in our name comes from our handsome cat and 'Emporium'.... beacause we make such a wide variety of scrummy pieces!


We can often be found scowering the streets hoping to rescue unwanted pallets, we then spend alot of time preparing the wood and adding some creative flare to turn them into gorgeous pieces of furniture and home decor items.  We also love to rescue and revamp wooden furniture - whether it be stripping it back to its natural colour, for a raw look, or adding a tasteful splash of colour to make a statement piece.


We love the idea of breathing life into an old broken pallet that would have otherwise been thrown on a fire or in a tip, and recyclying it into something wonderful for your home. Pallets are beautiful in a way that new products can never look - they have served a purpose, are weathered, distressed and usually aged. We don't give them names, BUT each one is unique with its own characteristics!


We make a range of products inlcuding the following:

- Wall Signs

- Paintings

- Height Charts for Children

- Wedding Signage

- Wedding Guest Book Boards

- Shop Signage 

- Outdoor Signage for your home/ business


We are careful with which pallets we use and endeavour to only use pallets which have been produced carefully i.e HT (Heat Treated) or KD (Kiln Dried) to remove moisture, which could otherwise turn into a problem.  


Any more questions please drop us a message!


Ruth & Rich @ Oscar's Emporium HQ

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